Friday, April 15, 2011

it's been a while..

well, it's been a while i've not updated my blog.. as you can see, i'm ALWAYS BUSY.
almost the end of 3rd year, 2nd semester of me studying here,in utm. :) next week i'll be having 'study week' and then, final exams will me in a row.

really..., i don't know what to write.. actually, there are so many things i wanna write but i dont know where to start. seriously...

okaay.. let's start with.. err... rainy days in johor...
or.. wait, i think that topic is kinda boring..
let's see... hmmm.....
i know... auntie anne's pretzel..

here are some shots of pretzel and donuts and me eating.(sorry for ugly pics coz my handphone camera is so 'cacated')

 the avocado donut. :)

 camshot of me eating avocado donut again.

 chocolate eclairs pretzel :) (not my fav but i dont hate it)

 me with the "im full" face. haha

 closeup of the pretzel. :) 

 ive just come to realise my mouth is dirty after eating the pretzel.. and now you know WHY i dont really like the chocolate eclairs.haha

fringe is long. camwhoring! :)


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